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Scenic Carpentry

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Scenic Carpentry is a title that can be a little mis-leading. I am used to a variety of materials for scenic construction including welding and associated metal work, timber and plastics.

Deep Cut Set

Deep Cut involved a lot of welding to create this visible sub-structure for a set that could be broken down into chunks and re-assembled quickly for the turnaround requirements of a run in the Edinburgh fringe. This set includes welded metal frames, riveted mesh, laminate flooring, traditional timber flattage, and a corrigated plastic roof. The construction had to allow for the installation of lighting fixtures, working bathroom lights, speaker mounting brackets and working loft hatch. The rear sections are mounted on large castors to wheel out easily whilst the front sections simply lift and stack onto an accompanying dolly to be wheeled away swiftly. The 8 sections are held together with a highly technical "ratchet strap".


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